The International Press

Manya Kapoor and Naina Atri

Assistant Editors, Intra SBSMUN2017

“A free press is not only a right, and not only a privilege, but an organic necessity in a great society.” In recent years, the role of journalism as an authoritative critique as well as a link between leaders and the public has greatly evolved, changing the very course of history. Following from this stream of thought, The Fourth Estate's essential missions are to seek the truth on behalf of the public and then translating and reporting complex ideas, issues or events into understandable terms.

We believe that The Fourth Estate is an integral part of SBSMUN, an important pillar which opens the minds of the delegates in order to understand different perspectives by reporting accounts of the proceedings of the conference. Through extensive research and hard work, we will use various forms of journalism (interviews, opinion-editorials and feature articles to name a few) mingled with satirical cartoons and photographs to cover this MUN. It’s not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers- they must have the courage to venture beyond the surface of what is directly stated, exploring covert messages and understanding the myths and biases associated. We pledge to support our team in doing this using our previous experiences at MUNs, both as delegates and journalists.

We’re looking for a press team that is dedicated, persistent and innovative, a team willing to delve into the nitty-gritties of each agenda. The Fourth Estate of Step By Step's Intra- School MUN invites you to augment levels of debate and discussion, to find your voice and to build upon your art as budding journalists, photographers and cartoonists.

Get ready to experience a phenomenal level of debate and discussion. We look forward to seeing you work efficiently with the International Press.

Pre-Con Issue